Melanie is co-editing this fantastic speculative fiction anthology

Mother. Warrior. Caregiver. 

Wife. Lover. Survivor. 

Trickster. Heroine. Leader.   

Hath No Fury contains approximately 19 meaningful stories that defy the stereotypes. In this anthology, readers should expect to find super-smart, purpose-driven, ultra-confident heroines. Here, it’s not the hero who does all the action while the heroine smiles and bats her eyelashes; Hath No Fury’s women are champions, not princesses in distress. Embracing the strong warriors to the silent but powerful, to even the timid who muster up the bravery to face down a terrible evil, the women of Hath No Fury will make their indelible marks and leave you breathless for more. Authors include Seanan McGuire, Lian Hearn, Carol Berg, Delilah S. Dawson, Anton Strout, Gail Z. Martin, Django Wexler, Elaine Cunningham, Bradley P. Beaulieu, and many more, with an introduction by Margaret Weis. There will also be essays by Robin Hobb, Sarah Kuhn, Monica Valentinelli, Diana Pho, K Tempest Bradford, and Shanna Germain!

Check out the Kickstarter for more details--the retail version will be available in Spring 2017!