Note: Due to a high volume of work, Melanie is not taking on new clients for the remainder of 2016. 

Melanie Meadors is a freelance science fiction, fantasy, and horror author publicist and marketing specialist, as well as the publicity coordinator for Ragnarok Publications and the publicity/marketing specialist for Mechanical Muse. Her freelance clients include authors Anton StroutBrian Kirk, J Kathleen Cheney, Gregory A. Wilson, Erin M. Evans, Elizabeth Vaughan, the podcasts Speculate! and The Once and Future Podcast, and many more. Her services include everything from brand building to website analysis, social media analysis, blog tours, and much more. She specializes in seeing big picture connections where all the little parts of a plan come together to make a whole--the beauty of an integrated marketing approach. Whether an author needs a publicity boost for one book, or if their career needs a bit of help to build, Melanie has skills and experience with a wide range of clients from self-published to those with Big 5 publishing houses. She's worked with in-house publicists to create integrated plans for author success, and she has helped authors get what they need from their publishers as well. 

If you would like to talk to Melanie about publicity services, feel free to email her at She will gladly work with you to create a plan that is within your budget range.

Melanie is also available for speaking engagements, and has given workshops and seminars at venues like Gen Con, RT Booklover's Convention, CT Fiction Fest, as well as various RWA chapters. Topics have included author publicity, blog tours, street teams, social media, and various writing subjects.