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Hike: Wachusett Meadow, Princeton, MA 6/30/2019

Hike: Wachusett Meadow, Princeton, MA 6/30/2019

Today I went for a hike at Wachusett Meadow, and climbed Brown Hill, which is a large granite hill right near Wachusett Mountain. The day started off with rain, but with a quick check of the weather, I figured I could do the climb and be down before the next storm. And I was right--in the nick of time! Here are some things that I saw on my hike:

Toad doing a good job at camouflage. Also some nice moss growth on that rock, and lichens:


This is a large glacial boulder, deposited here during the last ice age. And that hole? A porcupine lives in there. How do I know?


Because, porcupine poop!:


More excellent camouflage, this dragonfly was under the glacial boulder:


This rock, which is granite and quartz, was once part of the glacial boulder. It fell off, and you can see the deposits of the small white gravel, and the top of the rock itself--that's where water has been dripping onto the stone, and chipping off bits of the quartzy rock, where it's deposited on the ground below, then washed away by heavy rains:


I saw dozens of these little newts. Had to be careful not to step on them:


How many can you find below?


Lots of nice lichen along the trail:


Another toad:


The view from the top of Brown Hill:


According to GPS, the elevation is 1340 ft. Don't know which is right.


Woodpeckers having a party. I need to look up to see if those are fungus or lichen on that tree:


Little slug.


Frog, one of very many at the pond:


How many do you see?


Turtle head poking up behind the log, waiting for me to go away:


By the time I was leaving, the storm clouds had moved in and it was starting to thunder:


I'm home now, and we're just getting rain on and off. Can't do any gardening, so it's a perfect day to write!

East-West Trail, Worcester, MA (Coal Mine Brook)

East-West Trail, Worcester, MA (Coal Mine Brook)

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