Here are some anthologies Melanie has edited or co-edited. She's worked with some of the finest writers in the science fiction and fantasy genres, and loves introducing readers to new authors they might not have read before.

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Monarchies of Mau: Tales of Excellent Cats is an anthology of tales….well, of excellent cats! Based on the RPG from Onyx Path, and edited by Melanie R. Meadors, this book contains stories from superstars like Elaine Cunningham, Monica Valentinelli, Joseph D. Carriker, Jr., Aaron Rosenberg, Sabrina Vourvoulias, Errick Dunnally, ZZ Claybourne, LaShawn Wanak, Karen Bovenmyer, Erin M. Evans, Steven S. Long, Lee Murray, Lucy A. Snyder!

Before we were six. Now we are one. We differ on many points, but on these we agree: Always trust our instincts, always reward loyalty, and always pounce upon minions of the Unseen. Without these tenets, we are no longer worthy of the adoration of Man. 

Monarch Trillani Persian von Mau, deceased 

Cats have inherited the world, unifying their six fractious monarchies after untold centuries. These cats have been uplifted to use tools and language, and they seek to rediscover the ruins of the Old Ones.

Some have learned to use the leftover technology of humanity, but they believe it to be magic given to them by their lost worshippers. Others seek to create a cohesive nation, using Precepts of Mau agreed to after years of political conflict.

The world is dangerous and mysterious, but over the course of these 14 stories, the instincts of a good cat will always prove to be true.

Tales of Excellent Cats is a fiction anthology set in the world of the Monarchies of Mau RPG and was made possible by the backers of the Monarchies of Mau Kickstarter.


...A medieval swindler gets caught with his proverbial pants down...but does ANYONE deserve what's coming to him?

...A foolproof plan to pick up some cash via AI...until things take an unexpected and deadly turn.

…A legendary bodyguard is hired to protect precious cargo…but who will protect the cargo from him?

The protagonists of Knaves are not all anti-heroes telling their side of the story. They are also heroic people faced with hard decisions, forced to reckon with darker sides of themselves. They are villains surprised to find they have a noble side to themselves, and they are those trying to atone for past evils they have done. The fourteen brand new stories in Knaves deal with the complex idea of morality and will make readers wonder… 

What is the ‘right side,’ anyway?

Featuring original stories from Mercedes Lackey, Cullen Bunn, Lian Hearn, Anton Strout, and many more!


Mother. Warrior. Caregiver. 

Wife. Lover. Survivor. 

Trickster. Heroine. Leader. 

This anthology features stories from bestselling and award winning authors like Seanan McGuire, Carol Berg, Nisi Shawl, Lian Hearn, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Lucy A. Snyder, Gail Z. Martin, Django Wexler, and more, as well as essays from Sarah Kuhn, Shanna Germain, and others. 

Whether they are warriors, the silent but powerful type, or the timid who muster up bravery to protect the ones they love, these fierce women will leave their mark.

"The fury of women, scorned and otherwise, is scarcely a new concept.  But within this anthology you will find a collection of tales that present that fury in new lights."--Robin Hobb, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Farseer Trilogy

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MECH: Age of Steel, an anthology of epic proportions featuring stories from Scott Sigler, Kevin J. Anderson, Martha Wells, Jeremy Robinson, Peter Clines, Anton Strout, Gini Koch, and more! Co-edited by Melanie R. Meadors and Tim Marquitz.


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